Gregory J. Conti  

Security Researcher



Research Interests
Online Privacy
Cyber Conflict/Operations
Secure and Usable Interface Design
Security Data Visualization
Security Analytics

Civilian Education
2006 Ph.D. Computer Science   Georgia Institute of Technology
2000 M.S. Computer Science Johns Hopkins University
1997 Professionalization (Signals Collection) National Cryptologic School, NSA
1989 B.S. Computer Science United States Military Academy

Courses Taught Professional
CS484 Computer Networks (Course Director) Senior Member - Association for Computing Machinery (2009)
CS489 Distributed Application Engineering (Course Developer and Course Director) Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
CS382 Advanced Personal Computing (Course Director) National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)
CS482 Information Assurance (Adjunct) Phi Kappa Phi Award for Academic Achievement
SS490 Strategy and Policy of Cyberwar (Adjunct) Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)
CS105 Introduction to Computing Adjunct Faculty Member, National Cryptologic School
ED101 Training Methods for Cryptographic Instructors (NSA Adjunct) USMA UPE Faculty Advisor
IT383 Interface Programming (Course Director) Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA)
  USMA SIGSAC Faculty Advisor
-Won ACM 2001-2002 Chapter Excellence Award

Military Education Assignments
Command and General Staff College (CGSC) EECS Faculty West Point
Combined Arms and Services Staff School (CAS3) Company Commander HOC, 713th MI Group
Advanced Cryptologic Course (CY500) Deputy Division Chief 713th MI Group
Joint Space Intelligence Operations Course (JSIOC) Battalion S3 743d MI BN
National Imagery Analysis Course (NIAC) Assistant S3 743d MI BN
Intelligence Collection Managers Course (ICMC) Assistant S2 2/4 Cavalry SQDN
Signals Intelligence / EW  Course (35G) Platoon Leader 124th MI BN
National Systems Development Program (NSDP) Collection Manager G2, 24th ID
Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course Operations Officer G2, 24th ID
Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course
Jungle Warfare Course

Gregory Conti and David Raymond; On Cyber: Towards an Operation Art for Cyber Conflict, Kopidion Press; November 2017. Reviews: Cyber Defense Review David Aitel/CyberSecPolitics Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA)

Greg Conti; Googling Security, Addison Wesley; November 2008. (also available in Chinese and Korean editions) Slashdot and BoingBoing coverage. An EFF Favorite Book.

Greg Conti; Security Data Visualization, No Starch Press; September 2007. (For ebook version see No Starch Press website) A SANS Best Security Book.

Journals, Magazines, and Reports
Gregory Conti, "Why haven't we 'solved' cybersecurity?," Federal News Network, 12 August 2020.

Greg Conti, "Covid-19: Going to war with the cybersecurity you've got," MedCity News, 9 April 2020.

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Conference and Workshop Publications
Greg Conti. "Hacking Government Bureaucracy." AvengerCon, Fort Meade, MD, October 2020.

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Talk PPT Slides [17.9M] DanglyBytes and VizBin tool releases
InfoWorld, and Securosis Coverage

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Talk PDF Slides(0.8M) Talk Audio(MP3 21.0M)   Talk Video(MP4 78.5M)

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Talk PPT Slides (3.4M) Talk PDF Slides (1.7M)
Talk Audio(MP3 21.0M)   Talk Video(MP4 78.5M)

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Talk PPT Slides(5.6M)   Talk Audio(MP3 11.6M)   Talk Video(MP4 97.4M)
Classical InfoVis Survey PPT Slides (8.4M)  
Security InfoVis Survey PPT Slides

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Other Books, Book Chapters, Journal Publications, and other notable work
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